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Artsy Head Wrap Queen Car Air Freshener



Head wrap Queen car air freshener
Original design by ACOBLOVE Llc.

Not only will your car look good with these original conversation pieces but it can smell good too.

These air fresheners can be used two different ways.

You can add a few drops of your own essential oils onto the felt pad inserted into the back of the vent clip or simply hang an air freshener of your choice to the clasp attached on the back as well.

Size: 4-1/2" length
Wood, engraved and individually hand painted.

These air fresheners are not disposable so no worries they will last you for years and years!!

Shes light tan complexion
White head wrap with silver, gold and black abstract print for her headwrap.
Silver (non-flake) glitter eyewear along with earth-tone lipstick.
You can actually feel her lips too!👄

Butterfly earrings.

Each piece comes with a free scented Butter fly air freshener to get you off to a great start along with one replacement felt pad to swap out between your favorite essential oils.

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